Thursday, August 27, 2009

Musee Rodin, Paris

Last summer on a trip to Paris, a wonderful new discovery was the Musee Rodin. I lived in Paris for four years during my student days and have visited every year since then, but I had never been to the Musee Rodin. I really was not drawn to the work of August Rodin, or perhaps I was over exposed to it. His "Thinker" is everywhere, even on the set of Jeopardy's College Tournament. What a great surprise to find the museum in the beautiful 18th century Hotel Biron. The architectural details, including the wood boiserie panels, plaster moldings, overdoor trumeaux, marble floors and wrought iron staircases are absolutely beautiful. The formal garden with it's 18th century layout is also delightful. I was charmed by it completely. The elegant surroundings are a very contrasting background to the powerful statues. And yes, the "Thinker" is there, he is perched on a high pedestal in the front garden and looks , well, pensive.

In addition to works by Rodin, the museum also has works by his friends, including Camille Claudel and works of art Rodin collected himself. Being the textile aficionado that I am, I was thrilled to see a huge Brussels tapestry at the top of the main staircase. It is titled "La Mort d'Ananie" or "Ananie's Death", after a painting by Raphael.

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