Saturday, September 1, 2012


 I first visited Lake Tahoe forty years ago, on my honey moon, and recently went back with my husband. We had forgotten how beautiful it is! The water the bluest blue, reflecting the immense sky. The size of  the lake surprised us also, yet you can easily drive around it in a day, the road following in most places the shoreline
for breathtaking views of the lake.

 We took a boat trip on the lake and the captain pointed out an eagle's nest to us. I took a picture of it and to my great surprise, when I zoomed on it later, I noticed two birds in the nest and one on the branch next to it!
Looks like a mother eagle and a young one in the nest and another young one on the branch, perhaps contemplating it's first flight.

 Virginia City is always fascinating to me. The haunting beauty of the desolation keeps me going back.
I always like to visit the graveyard, dating to the Gold Rush of 1849.
 Mount Whitney, seen at a distance, taken near Lone Pine.
 Near Lone Pine, the rock formations of Alabama Hills.

 Near Oakhurst, the Nelder Grove is a sequoia grove in the Sierra National Forrest. It is a beautiful small
jewel, with many easy hiking trails.

 I found the colors and the textures of this beautiful grove most inspiring.