Wednesday, April 20, 2011


My husband and I recently returned from the island of Kauai, in Hawaii. We first visited there over thirty years ago and were mesmerized by the beauty of the island. We have been back to the other islands of Hawaii many times, but never made it back to Kauai until this spring. A few things had changed, there were more bunker like hotels ( Kauai has been hit by hurricanes many times) and condominium complexes, but the beauty of Kauai is still breathtaking. I have traveled on many continents, but I can say that the Na Pali Coast of Kauai is the most beautiful place I have ever visited. My little digital camera does not do it true justice. When we arrived at the lookout, we were told that it had been covered by clouds, some people had waited for two hours, but when we arrived, the clouds parted and we were awed by this view.

I would like to hear what you consider to be the most beautiful place you ever visited. The Grand Canyon? The Tierra del Fuego? Your grandmother's garden? Please share with us .