Sunday, August 21, 2011


If you have been following my posts, you know that my interests are varied and many. This time I am inside the bowels of the Louvre Museum. Every time I visit, I am not only interested in the art inside, but the interior architecture. The most impressive feature to me is the Escalier Lefuel
or the Lefuel Staircase.

Napoleon III commissioned Hector-Martin Lefuel (1810-1880) to build an addition to the Louvre, known as the New Louvre. (The I.M. Pei renovation with the Pyramid is known as the Grand Louvre.)

In spite of it's imposing scale, it has a feeling of serenity. The light penetrates through the oval windows on the upper level softening the ambiance. The staircase is in the Richelieu wing. These
pictures were taken this June, when the museum was crowded with visitors. yet there is hardly anyone in sight. A wonderful refuge.

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