Saturday, January 21, 2012


I have been collecting antique Kashmir and European paisley shawls for about twenty years and find them absolutely fascinating. Their beauty and rarity captivated women during most of the 19th century. The fashion was started by Empress Josephine just after 1800 and the rest of Europe followed her, creating a huge demand for the shawls. They originate from Kashmir in India and were hand woven and stitched. The European demand led to the creation of manufacture by jacquard machines in France and Scotland.

The above shawl is a Kashmir amlikar shawl. Amlikar refers to the method of weaving. This one is a large rectangular shawl, it is 54" by 123", only one half is shown above

Remnant of the hand stitched signature in white is shown on the black background above.

The above image shows the hand stitched back of the shawl.

In my Ocarine blog I have introduced some of my shawls and have received offers to purchase them, but at this time I am not selling them. I love their beauty and workmanship and enjoy sharing them in this blog.